TDK Machining Vietnam today and future succeed is a long-term and sustainable development process based on three principles: Basic belief, Company mission and Management policies. These principles not only is shared by all employees but also create foundation for all activities of our company as well as establish standards for implementation and decision-making of all TDK employees.


1. Respect for people: Each human being is a free and unique individual with the ability to think, reason, create and dream. "Respect for people" requires TDK to encourage and develop these characteristics in our company by respecting individual differences and believing each other as equal partners.

2. Trust: The relationships between TDK members are based on mutual trust. This belief is formed with being aware of personal respect, helping those who are facing to difficulties, receiving help in cases of difficulties, sharing knowledge and sincerely contributing to completion of duties.

3. Initiative:  Think creatively, act on the basis of each individual's creation and assessment, and be aware of the responsibilities to be assumed for the results of those actions.


The quality, delivery time, continuous improvement of all products and production processes are committed to meet customer expectations and satisfaction.

TDK’s long-term goal is to become a leading company in the Auxiliary Mechanical Industry in Vietnam and to expand our business to Asian countries and to the World.


1. Always reach out with youthful ambitions and enthusiasm.

2. Respect human rights and human free will as well as respect the equality in relationships among everyone.

3. Respect firm theory, develop new ideas, and use time in the most effective way.

4. Be interested in work and encourage open communications.

5. Constantly strive for a harmonious work process.

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